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Make a commitment to the Earth

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Our mandate at Green Okanagan is to progress sustainability from an individual level. Guided by the belief that individuals can change the world, we hope to empower others in our community to make smart consumer choices and adapt their lifestyle to improve their overall sustainability.

A guiding focus of Green Okanagan is breaking down the zero waste lifestyle in an approachable way. Zero waste living is not a zero-sum game, there are small changes we can all make that add up to a big difference in the overall sustainability of our community and planet.

This Earth Day, we invite you to make a commitment to the Earth and journey towards zero waste.

Zero waste living is about lessening your consumption, simplifying your life, and becoming a smart consumer. By following the 5R’s of zero waste, you can lessen your impact on our planet:

  • Refuse what you do not need

  • Reduce what you do need

  • Reuse what you can

  • Recycle properly what you cannot Refuse, Reduce, or Reuse

  • Rot or compost organic waste

For simple tips to start your journey towards zero waste, check out this video from GO's executive director, Shayne. And visit GO's Zero Waste Section for in-depth information.

Keep the Earth celebrations going, join Green Okanagan on Wednesday, April 24th from 6:30-8:00pm at BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery in Kelowna, for our Sustainability Social event open to all community members. This won't be a structured event, talk, or presentation - it's simply a gathering of like-minded individuals sharing a passion for sustainability and celebrating our Earth. For more info and to RSVP click here.

Lastly, treat everyday like it's Earth Day - take time to reflect on what you appreciate about our Earth, our home, and show your gratitude.
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