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Image by Robbie Down
The Kelowna Climate Coalition believes that the City of Kelowna must take a leadership position by:
Image by Kolby Milton
  • Immediately declaring a climate emergency to recognize the need for immediate action.

  • Review best practices in employing a climate lens in all aspects of municipal policy and within 90 days of declaring the emergency recommend a climate lens to mayor and council.

  • Establishing a Climate Action Leadership Taskforce, reporting directly to the Mayor and Council, with representation form the City Council and Staff, First Nations, community groups, business groups, healthcare and academia to guide our community’s adaptation to climate change.

  • Commit to a clear action plan to update the suite of strategic planning documents (OCP, TMP, CCAP, Subdivision Bylaw, Traffic Bylaw, the Draft Zoning Bylaw and others) to meet the 2025 and 2030 targets  set in the CleanBC 2030 Roadmap.


The issue and challenges presented by climate change cannot be solved by local government alone, but also cannot be solved without meaningful action by local government.


All levels of government must take effective policy steps to reduce GHG emissions, and it has become clear that despite the best of intentions, Kelowna’s current plans to reduce GHG emissions are inadequate and will constrain effective climate action.  

The Kelowna Climate Coalition will strive to create the conditions necessary for Kelowna’s mayor and council to declare a climate emergency and implement meaningful policy and action.

And the best part? Anyone and everyone can participate in this effort.

We wish to dispel the myth the nothing can be done about climate change and instead mobilize ordinary citizens so that they can have a measurable impact on climate change at the municipal level.

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