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This election, we want to put the climate crisis at the forefront of the conversation.  To help share where candidates stand, we worked alongside regional partners to develop questionnaires focused on sustainability and local priorities. 

Browse candidate responses and #GetOutTheVote.

If you are a candidate, reach out to Green Okanagan at to complete the questionnaire specific to your region.

Thank you for your participation. 

Why should I vote?

Did you know that local politics has an impact on your daily life? From the trees on your street, parks and green-space, and what your local taxes fund, municipal politics is there through it all. Voting is an opportunity to have a direct impact on your local community, by electing your next representation. 

Use your voice and your vote to create the community you want to see. Happy voting!
✔️  Voting is a way to take meaningful action 
✔️  Voting is an opportunity to take part in public affairs 
✔️  Voting is a way to voice your opinion + your values 
✔️  Voting helps influence social, economic + environmental change
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