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6 Sustainable Swaps for On-the-Go

Many of us are beginning to understand the negative impact our disposable lifestyle is having on our planet. Images of wildlife tangled in plastic garbage is a heartbreaking reality of this disposable lifestyle, not to mention the enormous amount of energy and natural resources used to sustain this lifestyle.

Much of this disposable plastic waste comes from when we are "on-the-go." You can reduce a lot of waste by being prepared and leaving the house with the right gear. Pack a car kit or a few key reusable items in your bag to stay waste-free on-the-go.

  1. Reusable Bottle: Having your reusable bottle eliminates the need to purchase single-use bottles of water, juice, or soda. Keep it with you for hot or cold drinks and wash between uses.

  2. Cutlery: Plastic cutlery is a single-use item, meaning it typically gets used once before spending a lifetime in the landfill. Bring a set of cutlery or spork from home and you’ll eliminate this waste.

  3. Thermos Mug or Jar: If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, carrying a reusable thermos mug can help keep your morning routine low-waste. You could also use a glass jar, which can be used to carry snacks or bulk items too.

  4. Bags: Cloth or cotton bags are the perfect addition to any car or backpack zero-waste kit. They can be used for produce at the grocery store, market finds, travelling, as a napkin, and so much more. When they need to be cleaned, simply toss them in the wash with your regular laundry.

  5. Napkin: Take a moment to think about every time you've gone out somewhere to eat - from a street vendor, on-the-go, getting ice-cream. If they didn't provide you a napkin already, you probably grabbed one or two to keep yourself from spilling. Having a cloth napkin on-the-go will save you from using napkins only once and throwing them in the garbage. They also serve as a great way to wrap treats on-the-go!

  6. Tote Bag: To top it all off, throw your reusables in a tote bag for ease. Keep it in your car or carry it with you when running errands!

The time has come to ditch disposables items and make the most of reusable items!

Swapping out disposable items for reusable alternatives is a simple way to lessen the impact we have on our planet. It's important to remember, however, reusable items also have an impact and must be used many times over to reach their full potential. So don't stockpile reusable items, like bottles and bags! They are only useful if you actually use them. So, if you have more than you can use regularly, consider sharing them with a friend or donating underused items to extend their life.

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