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A Home for Okanagan Sustainability

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Our mandate at Green Okanagan is to progress sustainability from an individual level. Guided by the belief that individuals can change the world, we hope to empower you to make smart consumer choices and adapt your lifestyle to improve your overall sustainability.

Green Okanagan is a newly formed grassroots organization with a sincere passion for sustainability. We are volunteer-led and registered non-profit. We hope to inspire you to get involved, helping us to grow a community in the Okanagan focused on progressive sustainable action.

A home for Okanagan sustainability

"By sharing our own experiences and local information, we hope to empower you to make smart consumer choices and adapt your lifestyle to improve your overall sustainability." - Shayne Meechan, Co-founder and Executive Director Green Okanagan

A guiding focus of Green Okanagan is breaking down the zero-waste lifestyle in an approachable way. Zero-waste living is not a zero sum game, there are small changes we can all make that add up to a big difference in the overall sustainability of our community and planet. We want to help you discover how simple, affordable, and fun zero-waste living can be, by sharing our tried and true solutions anyone can implement. Our blog will be a source to discover simple DIYs, insightful resources, and general green fun!

Check out our Shop Local page to find local Okanagan businesses committed to sustainability and providing sustainable options for customers like you!

Do you know of a local business that should be on our list? Drop us a line.

Are you a local business looking to improve your sustainability? Reach out to us, we can help! 

Green Okanagan aims to support and amplify existing sustainability initiatives. We are always looking to showcase and partner with local sustainability initiatives, as we believe collaboration is a key factor in success, contact us and let us know what you are up to. 

Grassroots community engagement helps to create positive change

Join our community to stay in the loop and get involved in local sustainability initiatives.

We look forward to sharing and learning together, building a strong community committed to the long term sustainability of the Okanagan, and our planet as a whole. Thank you for joining us.

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