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Community Gardens

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

The concept of community gardens has been around for centuries, today they are a common fixture in the Okanagan. In the Central Okanagan alone, there are 15 community gardens with a primary vision that "gardens grow healthy communities".

Community gardens offer a wide range of benefits to not only the local community, but also the environment and planet as a whole. GO's broken down some of the benefits below:

  1. Sense of Belonging: A community garden brings together people from all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities to share in the discovery of nature and the therapeutic effects of gardening.

  2. Education: These spaces offer opportunity to educate peers, family, friends, and other members of the community. Cooking classes, nutritional insight about growing healthy food, composting, or even seed-saving techniques can all be taught using community gardens as the baseline.

  3. Biodiversity: Community gardens help increase and manage biodiversity in terms of insects, birds, and other local creatures that find habitat and food from these areas.

  4. Environment: The environment also feels the benefit from areas of this nature as they can promote water conservation, reduce food packaging, and lower transport emissions associated with produce.

A community garden is an important place where partnerships are formed, social interactions are fostered, and people can reconnect with nature.

Gardening has the ability to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. It provides the opportunity for exercise, social interaction, and connection with nature. Growing a connection with nature through gardening can inspire conscious consumer behaviours, promoting environmental protection and sustainability.

Did you know?
Kelowna has a thriving Permaculture Club - Meetings are held monthly and provide hands on learning in a friendly and welcoming environment. For more information visit their Facebook group.

Follow the links below for listings of community gardens across the Okanagan and how you can get involved!

Vernon area: click here

Kelowna area: click here

Penticton area: click here

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