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Eco-Conscious Cold Weather Gear For Kids

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The following information was provided by our friends from Do the Okanagan (DTO), mixed with a little Green Okanagan twist. DTO are our subject matter experts for all things family and kids! Visit their website for family fun, tips and tricks for children, and all things local.


The cooler temperatures are here, and that means parents across the valley are pulling warm-weather apparel out of storage, getting rid of too-small items, and hitting the shops for new gear. For those of us who are as concerned with the environment as we are with our wallets, it can be hard to know what to buy, especially when we don’t want to sacrifice quality. Here are a few ways you can keep it green when looking for the perfect cold-weather gear.


Thrifiting items can cut your financial and environmental costs, all whilst contributing to a circular economy. When a pair of boots or snowpants are passed down from child to child, it keeps that item out of the landfill, while foregoing buying a new product.

Before you head out to buy a new coat, scour your local buy-and-sell groups, or hit up a second-hand store. Visit our Shop Local Directory for a list of thrifty options near you!


There are so many amazing local clothing brands in the Okanagan, and giving them your business is a great way to not only support local brands, but also reduce the impact of shipping. Try these on for size:

  • Dolly Funkle - Hand-made clothing for babies, kids and the people who love them. Custom orders welcome.

  • Brok Boys - Local kids’ apparel company … with an increasing selection of adult clothing, too!

  • Nooks - Sustainably and locally-made baby booties and apparel.

  • Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel - Family-run company, producing ethically sourced and produced clothing.

  • Anchors and Arrows - Sustainable and fashion-forward clothing for the little humans in your life.

  • Nest and Nurture - Ethically-made garments for little people, hand-made piece-by-piece in West Kelowna.

  • Crepe and Coral - Hand-made kids’ clothing, with functional and fashionable sweaters, bottoms and more.


Some companies have take-back programs in place, allowing items to be recycled when they have come to the end of their life. For example, did you know that Kamik boots have a recycling program? Once worn, you can send their preloved boots back to Kamik where they will be given new life! Learn more about their Sustainability Program here.


If you aren't having any luck finding snow gear second-hand, we recommend looking into manufacturers who are more mindful. When looking at a brand, do your research to see what kind of sustainability initiatives they have in place, as it can help narrow down your search. Some ideas could be:

  • Producers who create their products from recycled material

  • Products made with more sustainable materials such as natural dyes or hemp

  • Operations powered by renewables

Use these tips and tricks to keep your kiddos warm this winter. If you yourself are looking for cold weather gear, be sure to look for preloved options first to reduce your footprint.


This blog was done in collaboration with Do the Okanagan. DTO has a breadth of knowledge on all things family and kids in the Okanagan, so if you have questions, be sure to connect with them.

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