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Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Here in the Okanagan Valley, much of the year there is a large variety of locally grown produce to choose from. Buying local and supporting our local economy should be your first choice when trying to reduce your eco-footprint. However, in the winter months it becomes more difficult to shop local and most of us rely on the grocery store. We've lined up some tips to be zero-waste while shopping;

  • Select produce FREE OF PACKAGING, and forgo the plastic produce bag. If you must bag items checkout reusable alternatives like locally made Market Bags

  • Avoid the middle aisles and the packaged foods they contain. Many of these items can be found at bulk stores, where you can bring your own container to refill and generally prices are more affordable, win-win! (check-out our previous post for bulk store tips)

  • When buying packaged food look for packaging that can be reused, glass jars can be reused numerous times over

  • Choose products from companies that reuse containers. In the Okanagan Valley we have many local dairy farms using glass jugs, which can be returned to the store and reused by the farm

  • Save your egg cartons. There are many local egg producers who will accept your cartons and reuse them when their hens are producing

  • It might go without saying, but PLEASE bring your reusable bags, totes, or carry out the items for small shops, keeping the shop zero-waste

Visit local bakeries, butchers, delis, and fishmongers who support bringing your own reusable containers or provide sustainable packaging options. Check out our Shop Local section for local Okanagan businesses with sustainability built into their business model. Do you know of others or have tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!
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1 Comment

Awesome blog. Please write more. We just move here in Canada. Your blog on grocery store helps me alot. I really enjoyed. Thanks

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