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Shop bulk like a pro - BYOC

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

The bulk store: the holy grail of zero-waste shopping. No longer are you forced to choose between the lesser of two packaged bulk stores, you are free to take as much as you need, in the packaging you choose with Bring Your Own Container programs or BYOC! It's a dream. Here are a few simple steps that will get you on your way to rockin' the bulk experience.

By using this guide, not only will you gain confidence in efficiently shopping in bulk, but you'll also produce less waste, and you'll save money too! And let's be honest... you'll also have a newfound excuse for justifying those sweet treats you're reluctant to buy because of the packaging!

1. Collect resealable containers- Rather than go out and buy a bunch of new jars, upcycle items you already have! After all, we're simplifying here, right? You have stocked up quite a collection of nut butter jars, salsa jars, pickle jars, and numerous other random jars, before switching to bulk buying and homemaking items. So, clean them up and breathe new life into those old jars! Alternatively, before buying new, check out local thrift stores! They often have a huge selection of jars for cheap (we're talking pennies on the dollar!) and all you might need to purchase new is lids if they were missing. Bulk cotton bags are also super cool and can easily be stashed in your other reusable bags so you're never without. We love locally made Market Bags!

2. Clean and dry your containers at home- This is important! Your container must meet the minimum standards for the bulk store which means: clean and dry, no debris, no rust, no stains, and it must be resealable with a lid, drawstring or clip-closure.

3. Tare jars in store before filling- Check in with the cashier before you fill, to get the weights of your containers written on the top with a wax pen. They remove this weight later to ensure you're only charged for the product.

4. Scoop in store- Use the store's scoops to scoop the product into your container. Go bananas! Bulk stores often have huge selections of everything from dry goods to snacks, to grind-your-own peanut butter! During a recent trip to Bulk Barn, we picked up hemp hearts, walnuts, flour, oats, dried fruit, ground flax, protein powder, spices, loose leaf tea, and a small treat of double sour gummies that didn't make it make it home ... Scope out the shop and make a note of items they have to offer for future trips.

5. Keep track of the item names and their SKU numbers- In the notes section on your phone jot down the item names and their SKU numbers for a seamless checkout - it will make your cashier's day!

6. Pay up!- Pack everything up in your reusable tote or bags, and feel good about the low waste choice you've made

Checkout Bulk & Grocery in our Shop Local section for stores in the Okanagan offering bulk and BYOC.
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