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Green Your Morning Brew

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

A comforting mug of fresh, hot coffee or tea can kickstart your morning! While you may consider the environmental impacts of how your coffee or tea was sourced, how you brew your morning cup also has an impact.

Fortunately, there are great options for greening your morning brew. Find GO's simple tips below:

Brew a responsible cup of coffee:

  1. Support organic, fair trade companies – buy locally in bulk at Farmbound Zero Waste, Bulk Barn, and Canoe Coffee Roasters and check-out GO’s Shop Local page for other retailers

  2. Brew at home or choose locally-owned sustainably-minded cafes - don’t forget your reusable mug!

  3. Be mindful of your method – use a simple filterless French Press, re-usable or biodegradable filters, or reusable pods

  4. Compost your used grounds

Make your tea greener:

  1. Support organic, fair trade companies – buy loose-leaf tea in bulk locally from Teaberry’s, ChaiBaba, and Simply Delicious

  2. Use a reusable steeper and loose-leaf tea – or look for tea bags without polypropylene to ensure 100% biodegradability

  3. Compost your used tea leaf or add them to your plants

For coffee or tea on the go, use a reusable mug – keep a mug in your backpack, car, or workplace to avoid single-use disposable cups. Or consider getting your drink to stay in a ceramic mug. Need a new mug? Opt for second-hand or look locally for one made from sustainable materials.

Whichever morning cup you brew, making a few simple adjustments to your routine can ensure your cup is made with love for the planet.

Share your tips and local suggestions in the comment section below!

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