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Lessening your FOODprint

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

As you’re slicing an avocado or cutting a pomegranate, have you ever stopped to ask: Where is my food coming from?

Your FOODprint could be having a larger environmental impact than you realize.

Did you know...

  • With many plastic boxes of salad greens coming from California, the average box had to travel about 1,800 km before ending up in your fridge here in the OK valley

  • Local salad greens, picked and purchased with far less mileage, will last longer than a box of plastic-shrouded veggies

  • Purchasing community-grown produce will help stimulate the local economy and support local farmers

The next time you need to pick up dinner, groceries or goodies, think about where the ingredients are coming from.

Could I purchase this locally? Where could I go to support a neighbourhood farm?

Design your meals based on what is in season here in the Okanagan Valley or Western Canada to minimize the miles your food has to travel. Don-O-Ray Farms, Made Fresh From The Farm, and the Kelowna Farmer’s Market are just a few great examples of local vendors that are available all-year round for your local produce needs.

For more green guidance, check out our Farm Fresh list of local markets. Our Shop Local page has even more sustainable inspiration, and wonderful low-waste options. Know of a business who should be added to our page? Drop us a line and help us celebrate more local OK Valley businesses.

We love connecting with fellow low-waste enthusiasts, expert zero wasters, and foodies alike, so tell us: what’s your favorite dish to celebrate this abundant season? How are you combating food waste?
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