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Love More with Less

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

This Valentine's Day, show that special someone your love whilst being more mindful of your waste and impact! Our list of ideas will keep your romantic day meaningful, but also let you Love More with Less. Instead of purchasing gifts, why not make a memory?

Whether you're the kind of couple that loves getting a taste of fresh air, a night out on the town, or cozying up inside, we've got green ideas to keep all of your romantic memories a little more mindful.

Outdoor Adventures:

A winter adventure in our glorious Okanagan is sure to satisfy. Crisp winds, great pine, and a cup of hot cocoa pair nicely for your memory making. Here's a list of options that you and your special someone can embark on this Valentine's Day:

  • Skiing & Snowshoe

  • Skating

  • Hiking & Walking

  • Stargazing

  • Sledding

Be sure to bring your own thermos for a warm cuppa' hot cocoa or tea after these outdoor activities!

Plentiful Plates:

Cooking up a delicious meal is a fantastic way to show your affection! If you are cooking it yourself, be sure to bring your own grocery and produce bags when stopping at your local storefronts for delicious ingredients. See our Shop Local Directory for locations you can source locally or BYO container.

If eating sounds great, but cooking does not, here is a list of fabulous Farm-to-Table restaurants in the Okanagan to ensure you are getting fresh, sustainable, local eats. Remember your container to bring home yummy leftovers.

Out on the Town:

If you want to spice up your regular date night, think about trying one of our suggested low-waste activities.

  • Axe Throwing

  • Mini Golf or Bowling

  • Attending a show or concert

  • Visiting an art gallery or museum

  • Hockey game or sports event

Cozy at Home:

Indulge by having a toasty night in by watching a movie, having a candle-lit bath, or cracking open a bottle of local wine.

If you want to be extra green, we've gathered a list of our favourite environmental-based documentaries for all of your Netflix and Chill needs...
  • One Strange Rock - a National Geographic production that takes a look at different perspectives of our beautiful earth

  • Minimalism - showcases how people live by the means of less is more

  • Nature's Great Events - documents earth's changing climate conditions and how nature adapts, changes, and grows over time

  • Planet Earth & Blue Planet - a BBC production showing the great wonders of the earth, ocean, and our environment

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine's Day, be sure to ask yourself: what kind of impact am I having? Is there a more sustainable option?

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