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Tips for a Low-Waste Party

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Parties and hanging with loved ones are always a time for fun to be had and memories to be made, but, they are also a culprit for creating large amounts of waste. To help, we've put together some suggestions on how you can green up your future events.


To feed a large number of people, you tend to need a lot of dishes. If you do not have enough for the size of your party, you can skip the disposables by borrowing from a friend/neighbour, or by renting party supplies, dishes, cutlery, etc. Looking for local? Check out Avalon Events for rental details. This is a great option for those wanting extra dish-ware, but not the waste.


To keep your food and beverage impact low, it's best to make things yourself or to source locally. This way, the energy and packaging associated with shipping is waived. Plus, who doesn't love local?! You can find awesome local businesses with sustainability built into their practice through our Shop Local Directory. Here you'll find bakeries, and even local breweries and cideries that you can look into to source fun beverages!


Having a "sorting station" is a great start for reducing party waste. This way, you can have a spot for Organics, Recycling, and for Garbage (if needed). A quick demo to your guests before things get underway can help reduce the amount of contamination. Another simple thing you can do to reduce waste is to ask everyone to bring a reusable container along to the event.

Parties always have an excess amount of food. Getting your guests to bring containers can help reduce leftovers and prevent your delicious eats from being wasted.


If you're hosting a children's birthday party, or a party for littles, bulk stores have a wonderful selection of waste-free goodies and candies you can gift. As well as this, you can have your guests making their own goody to take away! A small craft or activity is fun for everyone, and a low-waste keepsake. Birdfeeders, decorations, etc. are all fun and green options we would suggest! Visit our Pinterest for crafty inspiration.

If you are expecting presents, or bringing a gift to a party, be sure to check out our Green Gifting Blog for added suggestions about sustainable presents and how to wrap them.


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