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The 5 Rs of Zero Waste

The secret to low-waste living

Low and Zero-Waste Living

We believe that everyone has the power to create positive change, whether it's through greening up daily habits, or getting involved with your community.

It can be overwhelming when you start thinking about how to reduce your waste, which is why we like to recommend taking it one step at a time. Progress may be small, but anything will have an impact if it is in the right direction! 

A great way to start is by considering the 5R's of Zero Waste, built as a hierarchy. You can think of the hierarchy as a tier that can help guide your choices, consumption, and daily habits to be more sustainable and mindful. Let's break it down:⁠

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REFUSE 〰️⁠ Refuse unnecessary items like single-use products, freebies, and disposables. Get comfortable saying "no" to items you do not need.⁠

REDUCE 〰️⁠ Reduce your consumption + the amount of "stuff" you accumulate. Whether it's clutter, clothes or otherwise, being mindful of your purchases will simplify your life.⁠

REUSE 〰️⁠ Get crafty + creative. Could you use that old jar in a new way? How about you try mending that hole-y shirt? How about a trip to your local refill or bulk store? Reuse items to save money, energy + resources.⁠


RECYCLE 〰️⁠ Recycling can be great - as a last resort. You may think that buying recyclable products is super green, but it's really only circular if you're also purchasing products made from recycled material. Recycling makes up a rather small portion of successful disposables, so it's best to REFUSE things you don't need, REDUCE where you can, REUSE items you already own, and RECYCLE when necessary.⁠


ROT 〰️⁠ Food waste and other organic material can contribute to a high amount of waste you generate in your daily life. Consider investing in a composting option to reduce this waste in your life.⁠

Check out the video below to see how our Executive Director, Shayne Meechan, lives her day-to-day routine waste free.

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