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The Kelowna Climate Coalition (KCC) is a non-partisan volunteer organization comprised of Kelowna based organizations and individual citizens deeply concerned and committed to acting on climate change.

Climate change is a major threat to the residents of Kelowna and to the land we live on. We worry about what the future will hold for ourselves and for the generations growing up with such uncertainty from endless forest fires, repeated 100-year floods, and drought. Sometimes it’s hard to know what can be done, particularly these days, with more and more division instead of cohesion.

How do we meaningfully tackle a problem as big as climate change?

Often, we look outward, but we can't wait for provincial and federal actions. The leadership we seek is right here, within ourselves and our community.  We can work with City Hall (City Hall),  take action personally (Sustainable Living), and/or connect with others working toward the same goals (Find Your Community).

the climate is changing, and so must we

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Cities Matter! City policy influences 40% of GHG emissions in Canada.  Learn how, with your help, KCC will ensure the City does its part. 

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Everyone has the power to make a difference, whether it's through greening up daily habits, or getting involved with your community. Learn how you can take charge with our green tips!

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Are you concerned about Kelowna’s sincere action on climate change? Connect with others who care about climate change and our environment.  Take a look at our Green Links and find your community.

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